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- EPISODE 1 - 


"What I love about the shoe is that it’s just as comfortable as it’s beautiful. The double layer insole, which makes it fit like a sneaker; the beautiful nappa leather strap that’s ivory and lighter tan color, and then the conversation piece - the beautiful gold sculptural heel.

I love a shoe that does all the talking for me. Because I’m a minimalist, so a shoe is my replacement for jewelry most of the time.What’s nice about this gold is that is not a super yellow gold, so I can wear silver or gold earrings or necklaces with this and it doesn’t clash.

I really like that this is something that you can really take any piece up a notch, I can wear this with jeans, sweats, chic trench coat, and even an evening dress in the summer too."



"It’s not a true lilac or lavender so it doesn’t offer a pop but a nice subtle dose of color.

It also has the beautiful egg heel which is the signature of the silhouette that you will see in various fabrications like plexiglass or enamel. And it has the signature Gray Matters v-cut, and it’s in nappa leather.

These are actually quite comfortable, this is a great shoe for the city. It looks really nice against suiting, denim, and I worn these with shorts too."



"It is a very relatable, modern and elegant pump. What’s really special about it is it has the nice signature high v-cut, which keeps everything very modern and chill. So it’s something that you can wear in the daytime, and then transition it to night.

Also, you have this beautiful block heel, which is very stable and comfortable for walking around in the city. But it’s still delicate and interesting enough to wear with a nice silk dress too.

I really like to use metallic to add some dynamics into my wardrobe, especially when I want to wear head-to-toe neutrals. In the summer, I will wear a pop color for an event or something, but in my everyday life, I don’t want to look too sweet, so I like to play around with neutrals and using a silver colorway like the Argento is a really smart wardrobe pack. Because you have added an additional element and it really creates a lot of balance in your outfit setter - head-to-toe black, head-to-toe white, or you can mix in neutrals as well."


- EPISODE 2 - 

- EPISODE 2 - 


"It has the beautiful double layered insole that’s extra comfortable, the multi-color straps in ginger and wax, the wax color is more of an off-white than a bright white, it’s really chic, elevated and very functional.

It’s something that I can wear to elevate jeans, or pair back to summer suiting to make it a little less stuffy and more fun."



"The color Carta da Zucchero translates in Italian to sugar paper, because all the sugar is wrapped in a paper of this color, which I find to be very charming and really captures the Italian spirit of the brand.

Also the smoked gray insole which is a really nice color balance here and there’s the beautiful matte gold hardware on the straps and the buckle."



"The Clara Mule is so comfortable, it’s a really great shoe that’s delicate but you can also live your life in it. It’s glove leather, and there’s beautiful v-cut and the higher lip in the back which is a great design detail. And the heel is so stable, but deceptively thin from the side. I absolutely love that detail because it keeps it very elegant but also very functional as well.

This is something I could pair back to jeans, dresses. If I knew a bride that was looking for a chill moment to wear for rehearsal dinner or a shower, this shoe could be really nice pop of white. It adds really nice structure especially back to something that is a little bit more delicate as well."