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"Unexpected Arrangements" demonstrates the brand's proven ability to bridge the gap between industrial, artisanal, and artistic elements. The interplay of these elements makes for odd pairings, but designer Silvia Avanzi's appreciation of simplicity translates into easy-to-wear silhouettes.

Highlights of the season include: the signature egg­-shaped heel inspired by the Murano glass blowing technique; the Molla series featuring a custom heel developed from an industrial spring; the Piega pump with a laser-cut neckline that parrallels the works of Lucio Fontana.


Photography: Roger Dong
Art Director: Camerin Stoldt
Prop Stylist: Clare Ko
Fashion Stylist: Jess Mederos
Make Up Artist: Tomomi Sano
Hair Stylist: Takuya Yamaguchi - for R+Co
Models: Simone Lubbert, Liu Shan, and Brianna Gomez