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에릭 로머와 장 루크 고다드의 영화에 나오는 자신의 독립심에 대한 자부심과 즐거움을 느끼는 여성의 이야기입니다.

These women, often the objects of desire for those around them, are unwavering in their pursuits and their preferences for mischief along the way. Gray Matters takes great inspiration from these characters embracing their multifaceted qualities: intelligent, curious, vibrant and alluring. All the while expressive and sly. 


Photography: Roger Dong
Art Director: Camerin Stoldt
Video: Spencer Starnes
Video Editor: Sebatian Allen
Prop Stylist: Clare Ko
Fashion Stylist: Jess Mederos
Make Up Artist: Tomomi Sano
Hair Stylist: Takuya Yamaguchi - for R+Co
Models: Simone Lubbert, Liu Shan, and Brianna Gomez