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“意想不到的安排”展示了Gray Matters在弥合工业,手工和艺术元素之间的能力。这些元素的相互影响造成了奇怪的搭配,但设计师Silvia Avanzi透过对简约的欣赏将其转化为能轻松着穿的轮廓。

Highlights of the season include: the signature egg­-shaped heel inspired by the Murano glass blowing technique; the Molla series featuring a custom heel developed from an industrial spring; the Piega pump with a laser-cut neckline that parrallels the works of Lucio Fontana.


Photography: Roger Dong
Art Director: Camerin Stoldt
Prop Stylist: Clare Ko
Fashion Stylist: Jess Mederos
Make Up Artist: Tomomi Sano
Hair Stylist: Takuya Yamaguchi - for R+Co
Models: Simone Lubbert, Liu Shan, and Brianna Gomez